Shipping Info

Teespring Orders

Since the company is still growing it is currently not efficient for all merchandise  to be made, stocked and shipped by us personally. Using Teespring to make a lot of the shirts allows for the cost to remain low on all of the popular products. They get huge discounts on blank products and their shipping rates world wide are unbeatable. They also have machines worth over $20,000 making their shirt print a really good quality. Due to that fact alone, they offer warranty on their products. 

Shipping Time and Tracking for Teespring Orders: 

Shipping time for these orders vary due to their volume of orders. Typically orders will arrive within 2-3 weeks from the time the order was placed. You can track your order with the email that was entered while placing the order. 

If your have any problems with your Teespring shipped order, Please contact them directly via email at I cannot access their database, so most questions i receive with questions regarding these orders cant be answered by us. They're a huge company and they won't stop till you're happy with your order.

Limited Time Drops / Juul Skins

Unfortunately while Teespring has a wide product range, they don't offer some of the products that we know a lot of our supporters and fans would love. So we decided to make unique products on a limited time basis. 

Shipping Time and Tracking on These Orders

If your order is being shipped by us, you will receive a confirmation email from our website. Shipping time on these products vary as well these products will always arrive in 1-3 weeks depending on stock and manufacturing time. We are not Amazon and currently only have one person operating this, so orders do take time and delays do happen. 

Tracking is available on all Canadian orders standard ( Except Juul Skins). International orders do not have tracking on the standard shipping option but is available for the upgraded shipping option. This cannot be changed once the order has shipped out. 

It is also important to enter your address including unit / apartment numbers. We are NOT responsible if you did not provide the correct shipping info.

Juul Skin shipping

To keep costs as low as possible, Juul skins are shipped via regular stamp and envelope mail. Tracking is not available on these orders. These orders usually ship out in 5-7 business days and orders usually arrive in a total of 10-15 business days depending on your location.

Questions on Orders Shipped By Us

If you have a question pertaining to your order that is due to be shipped by us but the question isn't answered above, feel free to contact us via email at