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About Me

If  you're born in the Greater Toronto Area, hockey is basically a way of  life. It's hard to be from here and not be completely surrounded by it.  Though I was never great or had much of a chance to make it anywhere, my  love for the game is as big as anyone out there. I still live in the  Toronto area to this day and hope to always live here. Besides hockey, I  am an avid baseball fan and occasionally enjoy watching basketball. My  favorite teams, all being Toronto. It's safe to say that I've had my  fair share of heartbreak. 

How It All Began...
My  first platform was twitter. It started as an account posting just  chirps. It built up to 50,000 followers pretty quickly. I created the  account to tailor the tweets of a typical hockey player. I felt I needed  a change so I acted on that and used Twitter to build Pucksnaps on  Snapchat.

I  created Pucksnaps in February of 2015. A lot of people don't know this,  but it started as hockey highlights and I gained 2000 followers. From  that it quickly exploded to 11,000 viewers in a week. That's when I  unfortunately experienced my first ban. As you guys know, if you follow  me, I have been banned a lot of times. The biggest account I had  featured 70,000 daily viewers.

The Clothing
While  running my accounts and having several followers, I came into contact  with someone who showed me the website called Teespring. This is the  website that I sell my clothing off of. I decided to try it out in  November of 2015. It has been very successful for me and I truly enjoy  creating designs. My main goal is to have different designs available  for everyone to choose from and enjoy. Clothes made from a guy who loves  to follow the modern trends of hockey. The ultimate goal of mine would be to go to hockey, walk into the arena and see someone with my shirt on. That would be amazing. 

How Teespring Works
Basically  in short, I make the designs and I choose the shirts and color options  available. The website takes care of supplying the shirts, printing,  shipping, and also customer support / quality control. This makes  everything really easy for me, and better for the buyer because they're a  well known company and are always finding ways to get better.

The Donations
After  selling quite a few shirts initially, I had the idea of using all  profits before Christmas to give to a charity that I know and have used  before. So I bought a few hundred dollars worth of toys and dropped them  off. They were delivered to kids in need who's parents cant afford toys  that live in my area. It was truly touching knowing I could use this  platform to help people in need. I am so thankful to everyone who has  purchased my clothing and who continues to support my company. It is an  honor and privilege.  

Thank You For Reading!
One  day I hope to possibly create a YouTube channel where I can create  vlogs. This would allow me to show some light into my life as well as  share some stories and memories of my journey.